Choose the right book for your story



There are plenty of opportunities to showcase images that take up a little more space in your phone or computer every day. Doing your photo album makes sense, especially when it’s child’s play on Let’s take a look at the key steps in creating a photo album.

It is now easy to take pictures, especially with the help of our smartphone. But that’s not all, we must think to sort them before embarking on the creation of his photo book. The idea is to select the most successful shots (farewell blurred, poorly framed or poorly exposed!) And group them in a single folder: “photo album creation”.

You only have to create a “virtual album” via your member area to save time or wait for the creation stage to download your photos as and when.

You have several options for choosing the photo album template. Below all the selection criteria that are available on the website.

Select the criteria that match you to display the appropriate photo books.

Before starting the layout, have a clear vision of the structure of your photo book. The chronological order is interesting but is not always the most suitable. An organization by chapter is also possible, for example in the context of holidays: the moments at the beach, camping, activities.



By creating a photo album dedicated to Baby, you will be able to remember the small happinesses and the first times of your piece of cabbage according to your desires.

The first months of Baby are so precious that we would like to immortalize every moment … The photo book is the ideal solution to preserve these memories full of emotion. His first steps, his first outing to the beach or his countless smiles, all these moments of happiness with your toddler will find their place in a book that you will enjoy for many years.

Tip 1: Sort your photos by month

On your computer, think of classifying your photos in folders dedicated to each month of the year to be able to consult them easily according to the date sought. Here are some more tips on how to efficiently organize your photos.

Tip 2: Use different customization options

We regularly update the customization options on the theme of toddlers, the opportunity to bring a touch of fantasy to your photo book! Feel free to vary layouts, cliparts and backgrounds for a unique rendering. For an even simpler option, use one of our baby themed books.



Once the photographer has put online the report or delivered you the photos of your wedding, you always ask the same questions for the development of the photo book of your marriage. So here is a little article to explain how to make a wedding photo album and try to answer all the questions you ask yourself.

Let’s start with the different book formats. There are three, in portrait, in square and in horizontal which one also calls “opening to the Italian”. These three formats offer different pleasures.

The wedding book in portrait format, classic standard of all our books, novels or comics, the portrait format will lend itself perfectly to achieve a standard book and classic! LOL !! I do not know if this format is often used because none of my clients never ordered me. The wedding album is a photo book somewhat “special” my preference goes to a little more originality and personalization than the format of a planner, if you want to fill it with black leather, the resemblance would be troubling, even boring no?

The wedding book in square format, very appreciated from an aesthetic point of view because it confers by its form a “solidity”, an institutional and historical framework, as the portraits of the Queen of England (!) But once open these proportions are very pleasant and favor the books “contemplative” as the beautiful picture books but also “narrative” to tell the story of your day.


No technical limit 

dd tangible memories to your photo album: plane tickets, show tickets, road maps, subway tickets, … You can scan them, leave a free space in your book to paste your memory afterwards, or order a box presentation compartments, in which you can keep these memories.

Choose the right book for your story

Now that you know what you are going to put in your book, you can choose the format and orientation that best suits your photos: landscape orientation, portrait or square, M, L or XL format, depending on the purpose in which you create your album, your photos and your budget. This is an important step because you will not be able to change the format and type of cover, binding etc. once your book is completed.